The Labor College of the Capital City Court rejected the request of Volánbusz Zrt., in which it requested to establish the legality of the two-hour warning strike held by the Solidarity Bus Transport Union, in the order issued on November 9, 2022, made at level I.

The Court held that in relation to strike claims No. 4 (unification of accounting for fuel savings) and No. 5 (reimbursement of own sgk. use) of the SZAKSZ, the trade union could legally hold a warning strike, based on all of these, the court rejected the request of Volánbusz Zrt. .

The outcome of the trial was determined by the head of the SZAKSZ legal aid service, dr. Counterclaim prepared with the cooperation of lawyer Éva Peti and our legal expert, Dr. Imre Szilárd Szabó.