Regional Seminar: Industry 4. O – Hungarian and international perspectives

“Irel- Smarter Industrial relations to address new technological challenges in the world of work”

10:15-10:30  Registration of participants

10:30-10:45  Opening of the workshop: Imre Palkovics, President, National Federation of Workers’ Councils

10:45-12:30  PANEL I

Chair:  Imre Szilárd Szabó, MOSZ / KRE ÁJK

10:45-11:00  Csaba Makó, Professor Emeritus, University of Public Service, Institute of the Information Society: “Creativity of work and the risks of automation”

11:00-11:15  Ádám Nagy, Deputy State Secretary at Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Hungary: “Industry 4.0 in Hungary”

11:15-11:30  Zsolt Kozma, President, Federation of Workers’ Councils of the Metal Industry: “Industry 4.0 from a trade union perspective in the metal and machinery industry”

11:30-11:45  László Parragh, President, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “Hungarian employers and digitalization”

11:45-12:00  Attila Kun – Imre Szilárd Szabó – Ildikó Rácz-Antal, iREL-researchers (National Federation of Workers’ Councils) – KRE ÁJK: “Industry 4.0 from a labour law perspective”

12:00-12.15  Discussion

12:15-13:15  PANEL II

Chair: Prof. Dr. Attila Kun KRE ÁJK / NKE ÁNTK

12:15-12:30  Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Krause, Georg-August-University Göttingen: “Industry 4.0 as a challenge for labour law in Germany”

12:30-12:45  Davide Dazzi, Senior Researcher in Ires Emilia-Romagna and OpenCorporation research coordinator: “Industry 4.0 and industrial relations in Italy”

12:45-13:00  Dr Izabela Florczak, Adiunkt/Assistant Professor, Department of Labour Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz: “Industry 4.0 – Polish perspective”

13:00-13:15  Discussion and closing remarks