The film commemorates Sándor Rácz, in honor of the 1956 revolution and freedom struggle, by processing archival materials that have not yet been seen by the general public. The basis of the film is the Samizdat video recordings made in 1988, which were recorded by editor-director László Balogh in the context of a long-life interview. With the help of archival conversations and interviews with historical experts, the viewer can place and evaluate the activities of Sándor Rácz, the 4th of November in the times after.

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Commemoration of the role of the Workers’ Councils in 1956

In October 1956, after the students, the workers did not delay in organizing. In the spirit of “workers’ self-management”, Workers’ Councils were organized in factories, plants, and offices on the day after the Revolution and Freedom Struggle – on the Yugoslav model. The first Workers’ Council was established in Budapest on October 24, 1956.