Debate on female salaries

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Though it isn’t a Hungarian specialty, that female wages stay below male salaries the Cabinet has initiated a consultation upon this matter. The Ministry for National Economy convokes the Permanent Consultation Forum of the Public Sector and the State – according to Világgazdaság.

Imre Palkovics was awarded the Order of Merit of Hungary

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The Order of Merit of Hungary (civilian) was handed over to Imre Palkovics, President of the National Confederation of Workers’ Councils by Mihály Varga, Minister of National Economy on behalf of János Áder, President of Hungary on the occasion of Hungary’s greatest national holiday, 20th of August.

Minister for National Economy says social contributions may decrease

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The gradual decrease of contributions could solve part of the domestic employment problems. The Ministry for National Economy is currently examining when and to what extent social contributions can be decreased, declared Mihály Varga, Minister for National Economy in an interview with Magyar Idők (Hungarian Times).

Significant wage increase required

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According to industrial actors interviewed by Magyar Idők (Hungarian Times) newspaper, the severe shortage of labour will probably lead to a limited amount of wage increase but the problem can only be solved by urgent and dedicated governmental measures, adjustment programmes and new wage and contribution policies. Several companies are ready to recruit foreign workers while others halt their investments. Basic services are also jeopardised by the lack of human capital.

EZA-Startseminar 2014 in Budapest

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Die Definition der Brennpunkte des sozialen Dialogs aus europäischer Perspektive sowie Handlungsmöglichkeiten für Arbeitnehmerorganisationen waren die Schwerpunkte des EZA-Startseminars, das vom 27. bis 28. November 2014 in Budapest, Ungarn, stattfand und in Zusammenarbeit mit MOSZ (Munkástanácsok Országos Szövetsége) und mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Union organisiert wurde.

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