Squaring the circle?

2024-03-26T11:57:31+01:002024. március 25.|

A témában megjelent magyar nyelvű publikáció elérhető ITT! Imre Szilárd SZABÓ:  Squaring the circle? [...]

The SZAKSZ warning strike was not illegal

2022-11-15T13:50:48+01:002022. november 15.|

The Labor College of the Capital City Court rejected the request of Volánbusz Zrt., in which it requested to establish the legality of the two-hour warning strike held by the Solidarity Bus Transport Union, in the order issued on November 9, 2022, made at level I.

A worker against worker power

2022-11-15T13:53:50+01:002022. október 15.|

The film commemorates Sándor Rácz, in honor of the 1956 revolution and freedom struggle, by processing archival materials that have not yet been seen by the general public.

Paying tribute to the heroes Short report on the Workers Councils’ commemoration

2019-12-02T11:50:24+01:002019. december 2.|

This year, the commemoration of the 1956 revolution co-organised by the National Confederation of Workers’ Councils, the 56-os Magyarok Világszövetsége (World Federation of Hungarian Freedom Fighters), the Corvin Bajtársi Közösség (Corvin-Passage Comrades' Community) and the Pesti Srácok Foundation was held in the Corvin Cinema on 18th October 2019.

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