This year, the commemoration of the 1956 revolution co-organised by the National Confederation of Workers’ Councils, the 56-os Magyarok Világszövetsége (World Federation of Hungarian Freedom Fighters), the Corvin Bajtársi Közösség (Corvin-Passage Comrades’ Community) and the Pesti Srácok Foundation was held in the Corvin Cinema on 18th October 2019.

Addressing the participants, Imre Palkovics emphasized that it was a great honour for the Confederation to celebrate together with the heroes of the 1956 revolution. He added that unfortunately, the role of the 1956 workers’ councils is hardly even mentioned today, although the workers’ councils were the only organised forces during the period from October 1956 to January 1957. These grass-roots organisation could only have been swept away by János Kádár’s communists with lies, deceit and murder.

On 22nd October, the commemoration continued in the Kerepesi Cemetery (Fiume Road National Graveyard) where our organisation laid a wreath on the tomb of Sándor Rácz, president of the Central Workers’ Council of Greater Budapest.

The next site of the commemoration was the commemorative plaque of Sándor Bali in Podmaniczky Street where, like every year, we laid the wreath of the Confederation.

Guided by the spirit of the 1956 revolution, the National Confederation of Workers Councils is committed to keeping alive the memory the revolution and the revolutionists. The personal presence and the power of the words of the actors in the revolution permeated the ceremonial events.