The Teachers’ Trade Union of the National Confederation of Workers’ Councils is committed to the constructive development of the public education system and promotes that the decisions are taken by adequately informed, technically competent and ethically committed teachers.

  1. The intention to reform the public education system underperforming for several decades cannot achieve its objective until the number of learning hours of students is significantly reduced. The amount of the obtained knowledge and the achieved educational level of students are not proportionate with the number of learning hours; it is rather dependent on the efficiency of autonomous teachers and the supportive family background. The above problem should be tackled without delay.
  2. The education system cannot fulfil its social role without suitable school principals who are able to take decisions independently. Thus, it is indispensable to ensure their autonomy in the field of financial management and exercising employers’ rights. It is not in contrast with the intention of centralisation; with sufficient expertise and competence the two objectives can be harmonised.
  3. Teachers serve as the basis of the system, thus their sense of justice should not be ignored. The well-known specificity of the operation of the education institutions is that substitutions and the distribution of extra tasks result in the uneven workload of teachers. The only good solution to maintain labour peace is the accurate determination of the number of generally compulsory hours and the time proportionate compensation of extra working hours.

The Teachers’ Trade Union of the National Confederation of Workers’ Councils deems the implementation of the above proposals aimed at the correction of the present errors of the operation of the public education system as the most urgent steps to be taken during the ongoing reform.

Teachers’ Trade Union of National Confederation of Workers’ Councils

András Tódor Bardócz