Mr. Imre Palkovics, President of the National Federation of Workers’ Councils announced the following on Wednesday at the press conference in Budapest: “ The National Federation of Workers’ Councils launched an information system on adult training and education. On the website, the high quality out-of-school education and training institutions for adults can be found. The intention of the trade union organisation with the launching of this labour market service was to provide information for workers on access to good quality training and education for adults, which might be necessary for them to keep their jobs or find new employment.”

Mr. Imre Pesti, Government Commissioner and Head of the Government’s Office of the Municipality of Budapest,  and Imre Palkovics, President of the Workers’ Councils concluded an agreement concerning awareness raising of the information system. Mr. Imre Pesti emphasised the following: the cooperation agreement was signed in order to provide assistance to workers wishing to retain their jobs and to provide information concerning training and education opportunities for job seekers and to help them enhance their employability. He reminded that in Hungary the employment rate has significantly improved reaching 59.7%, which is close to the EU average of 64.5%, the number of those employed has been over 4 million for a long time. The number of those in employment has also increased in Budapest. In 2010 the number of those actively working was 731,000, whereas at the end of 2013 this number reached 764,000. The expansion was due to economic growth and not to the increase of those in public employment, which is 5,000 in Budapest- said Mr. Imre Pesti. The Government Commissioner also underlined that the Government Office plays an important role in further training and directing job seekers towards various opportunities.

With the help of the Labour Centre of the Government Office of the Municipality of Budapest, 240,000 people were involved in adult training and further training to retain their jobs and/or find new employment. Mr. Imre Palkovics underlined: they attach great importance to providing assistance to job seekers and workers in the spirit of life-long learning, a flagship programme of the European Union. The President of the National Federation of Workers’ Councils described in further detail the information system saying that it includes vocational training opportunities, language training and other types of trainings. Information is provided on financial support attached to the courses and further training institutions are welcome to join the system online. Mr. Imre Palkovics added that in the area of they would like to extend this cooperation to cover the whole territory of Hungary, and work together with the Government Offices.

Source: MTI