The National Confederation of Workers’ Councils will support starving children by HUF 50 per person. The trade union is collecting more than 10 million HUF this year. The trade union members shall have their employers transfer the amount to the No Child Should Go Hungry Foundation. The Federation of Postmen was the first to join the initiative. 

Anna who is featured in the newsreel of M1 and her husband are raising two teenage children. The mother has been jobless for nine years. They have to make a living by only HUF 15 thousand (EUR 50) per month after they pay their bills. 

The No Child Should Go Hungry Foundation has been supporting thousands of poor families for years. In the most depressed regions of Hungary they provide animals –chicken, ducks and rabbits – and seed for families in need.

This summer the CEO of the Hungarian State Holding Company made the initiative that the employees of state-owned companies should also support the activity of the Foundation. It was the Independent Trade Union of Postmen affiliated to the National Confederation of Workers’ Councils which joined the action first. The trade union has requested postal workers to transfer HUF 50 per month to the Foundation.  

The National Confederation of Workers’ Councils expects to be able to transfer HUF 60 million per year from the donations of the member organisations. Zsuzsa Hegedűs, the chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation said that the contribution of the Workers Councils is an enormous help. “As usual, we receive donations from less wealthy people,”-she added.

The Foundation will continue to purchase animals and seed from the donations for deprived families but besides their traditional support for backyard farms they would like to launch new services such as vocational training and mobile healthcare stations.

Source: M1 Newsreel |9. October 2013, Wednesday 23:42