On 10 February, a Eurofedop delegation visited Budapest, the visit was organised by two affiliated organisations of the National Federation of Workers’ Councils. The representatives of the organisation were given an insight into the area of the Hungarian health and social care sector and law-enforcement (penal institutions, prison).

The delegation together with the representatives of FESZ and FBVSZOSZ visited the Szent János Hospital and the Budapest Penal Institution (Prison). The delegation consisting of members of various EU Member States was given information on the general situation, the state of play in the two above-mentioned areas with special attention to the problems of workers and the activities and endeavours of trade unions in these sectors. The head of the delegation was Mr. Bert von Caelenberg, Belgium, General Secretary of Eurofedop, members of the delegation were Mr. John Clinton, Vice President from Ireland, Mr. Andy Darken from the U.K. and Mr. Peter Maschat from Austria, members of the Executive Committee. The leaders of both institutions visited were ready to answer the questions of the delegation and provided help concerning professional issues. The delegation was provided with a presentation by Mr. Gábor Széles B.V. Colonel, the commander of the Budapest Prison, and they also visited the institution talking in detail about the current situation in the area, the work of the staff, the programmes and employment provided for the inmates.

In the Szent János Hospital, the delegation was received by the General Director Dr. Tibor Kázmér and Emőke Nicki, who described the situation of the Hungarian health sector and especially the situation in the institution visited.

A priority and mission of the National Federation of Workers’ Councils is to help workers it represents with joining the European and international trade union movement and the network, which is an important tool and opportunity in improving the efficiency of interest representation and solving the general and individual problems of workers. Currently Eurofedop has 55 affiliated organisations, their main objective is to represent public sector workers in the European Union.

Imre Szabó